ASU's Pow Wow 2018 - 32nd Annual Spring Competition

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PowWow Vendor Information


Welcome to the Vendors area for the 2018 Pow Wow. Please use the link below to download the Vendor Packet at the bottom of this page. It has information, an application and a map to this year's Pow Wow. Vendors can also register and pay fees online using the link below. Spaces Available for Native American Artists Only - Proof of Enrollment Required. Fee* for 10'x 12' Booth Space. * See Fees Below

Vendor Fee Schedule
Mail-In Vendors' Fees
Postmarked by 3/1/2018
Postmarked After 3/1/2018
Extra Vendor Passes
3 Day Weekend Rate
$10 ea. (max 6 passes)
Saturday & Sunday Rate
Non-Profit Weekend Rate
Web Site Vendors' Fees
Submitted by 3/1/18

after 3/1/18

Online Extra Vendor Passes
3 Day Weekend Rate
$11 ea. (max 6 passes)
Saturday & Sunday Rate
Non-Profit Weekend Rate


  • Accepted vendors will receive a confirmation letter/email with set up time.
  • Booth spaces are 10 feet by 12 feet. Vendors are required to set up within the space allotted. Additional fees for extra space will be charged at the discretion of the Pow Wow Committee. Spaces for non-profit organizations are 10 feet by 10 feet.
  • Vendors must provide their own canopies, tables, chairs, lighting, and power.
  • Additional electrical outlets will be used exclusively by the ASU Pow Wow Committee and Head Staff.
  • Vendors will not be allowed to drive onto the field to load/unload. Please bring hand trucks, and dollys. There will be a limited number of Committee members with electric vehicles to assist unloading and loading.


  • There will be no reserved parking spaces for vendors.
  • Please pay attention to all posted parking regulations. All tickets or fines are your sole responsibility.


  • Overnight security will be provided.
  • By signing this vendor application you are holding Arizona State University, ASU Pow Wow Committee, and its officers, agents, employees, and volunteers of each of them harmless for any and all theft, vandalism, damage to property or goods, or bodily injuries that may occur to you or your assistants, property, equipment, and goods during the Pow Wow including set-up and take-down of vendor booth.


  • Craft vendors may not sell any type of food or beverage, prepackaged or otherwise, (i.e. candy, sodas, etc.).
  • The selling of knives, pipes, tobacco, sage, sweet grass, endangered animals or parts is prohibited.
  • The selling Hip-hop merchandise (t-shirts, hats, music), novelty items and toys is prohibited.
  • Amplified recorded music is prohibited.
  • The ASU Pow Wow Committee reserves the right to prohibit vendors from selling or displaying any items, which are disturbing to the attending community at the ASU Pow Wow.


  • The rules and regulations are set to insure the safety and enjoyment of all participants of the ASU Pow Wow. Vendors who fail to comply with any of the following rules will lose their vending privileges and their fees.
  • Tampering with State property and vandalism are prohibited. Any cases will be reported to University police for investigation and possible prosecution. In addition, your vending privileges will be null and void and you will be excluded from vending at future annual Pow Wows.
  • By signing the application, you are agreeing to comply with all of the rules and regulations set forth by the ASU Pow Wow Committee. The ASU Pow Wow Committee reserves the right to change any of the rules. Furthermore, each individual vendor, and/or any of their family members/assistants is responsible for being familiar with these regulations for which no exceptions will be made, regardless of the person's knowledge of said rules.

Mail-In Vendor Packet & Application:

  • You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this file. It is fairly large (680 kb), so the download may take some time on slower connections.
  • Please use this dedicated email address for any / all VENDOR questions or concerns.

Vendor Packet (pdf)

Online Vendor Packet & Application:

Vendors Online Application

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